COVID-19 Information statement.  April 2020


To all our customers, old and new.


To comply with government guidelines, Belle Isle Marina will remain closed to all leisure boaters and general public. This also protects our small community here of land dwellers and liveaboard boaters. The slipway is also closed.

Canal and River Trust have closed the waterways to all leisure craft, remaining open only for liveaboard boaters, and their movement is restricted in the same way as cars and other transport are on the roads. Food, health and work only.


Belle Isle Marina and boating this year.


Not a good start to the year! Last year’s flooding saw our moorings disappear under the floodwater in October and not reappear until January this year. The flood water came to within 20 inches of the old bridge! Normal levels were finally returned around the 6th April exposing the damage done and repairs needed.


Many thanks to all who helped out with “short notice” craning, slipway use and boat rescue at all hours during the variation of flood water levels over the winter months. With all your help we came through with a minimal amount of damage and far less than many other local mooring providers.


At the Marina we are still able to carry out some work on your boats for you but are restricted by parts and material supplies, also social distancing makes some jobs more restrictive. Please contact me if you have any requirements.


CRANE DATE:  I have not booked a date yet but will do as soon restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do. 




Please fill out and return the “Annual Update” registration form and remittance slip in a readable method. Email and Postal addresses need to be clear and complete to enable us here to send you any updates and information.

Forms can be sent back by post, email or WhatsApp photo.


I will let those of you requiring the CRANE know the dates as soon as I am able to and also the date that the SLIPWAY is back in service for those who need it.